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Hurry up and Wait

Last night, Apple rejected the update because of an incorrect icon (one that’s been in the app since day one).

So a two minute fix results in another week of waiting for you (and me).



Available Programming

I’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions regarding available content. I’d just like to explain a couple of things-

  • Market Place is a program offered by American Public Media. APM is not NPR, and therefore is currently not available via this application.
  • This American Life is a program offered by Public Radio International. PRI is not NPR either…
  • Programs like Car Talk WILL become available to you from the Podcast section, once you get the update.

I appreciate your patience in waiting for the update. There have been a couple of minor problems with it that have kept it from being approved- some my fault, some not… My fingers are crossed that Sunday will be our day.

If I had one gripe regarding the whole Apple Store process, it would most definitely be the fact that when an application is rejected, it takes an entire week for it to be reviewed again. So a simple 2 minutes fix, takes an entire week to get into your hands. Maybe I’m just an instant gratification kind of guy..

Lessons learned.

Coming Soon to and iPhone Near You

Many have expressed their interest in the station finder and the podcasts. They’re both on their way- development has been completed and we’re waiting on Apple for approval of the update. I’ve been using the new version on my iPhone for the past week, and have found it very useful. I’ve listened to Fresh Air and Car Talk, as well as the NPR Hourly News Updates. What’s really nice is that I’m able to listen to many shows that my local affiliate station doesn’t carry.

It’s worth noting here that the images in the App Store are NOT the ones that I added for the currently approved version. They’re the images I associated with v1.3, which has the station finder and the podcasts in it. For some reason, when Apple published the app, they used the wrong images. From my perspective, the result has been a lot of user confusion, and dashed expectations. All we can do is wait.

I’ve continued my contact with the folks at NPR. Per their request, I’ll be changing the name of the application.

Bugs Suck

So it’s been made painfully obvious to me that I forgot to escape-encode search strings. As a result, the application crashes when you perform a search with a term that has spaces. This has been corrected in the pending update, so please hang in there. I’m guessing the update will be made available on Sunday night. Seems to be Apple’s trend so far.

Couple of Details

It looks like it made the store listing. It really is nice to see your hard work become available, and to have an immediate positive response! Thank you!

The screen shots that are posted here and in the app store are showing version 1.2, which as I mentioned in my previous post, was submitted last night for approval. You should get an app update within a week, which will make the station finder and podcasts available.

Again, thanks for the positive feedback. All great ideas that I will take into immediate consideration.

Now Available

NPR Mobile has recently been approved for sale in the App Store. I recently performed a search for the keyword “NPR” which didn’t reveal anything. Maybe they update tags daily. We’ll see.

So, the application was accepted for sale in the store just in time for me to finish my next set of major improvements. Tonight, I submitted version 1.2 for review, which adds station finder and podcast capabilities.

This version constitutes all major features that I envisioned in NPR Mobile. There’s not much left for me to do but fix any bugs that pop up, and move on to my next application.

Rejected for a Good Reason

On Sunday (yes Sunday) Sept. 14th, I received an email from Apple letting me know that my application had been rejected. The reason they gave was because I failed to include an error message when no network connectivity is present.

This was an easy fix- now when the user requests content, I first check to see if is reachable without user intervention. If not, I display an alert view calling the user’s attention to the problem. Easy enough- 5 minute fix.

I’m impressed to get correspondence from Apple on a Sunday. The content of the email included screen shots, and information very specific to my application. There’s a human on the other end of the string.