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Simple Update Approved

Tonight, an update was approved that will change the behavior of the Listen button. Now, it will be shown in red if the audio is unavailable, and you will be reminded that some audio is posted after 5pm Eastern.


Life is Good (again)

It would appear to me that the application is functioning as expected now. The missing audio links have reappeared.

Apparent Problems

I’m getting a load of reports that audio isn’t playing. After looking into the issue, it appears that there is something broken with NPR’s service. I’ve notified them, and hope to see it corrected soon.

It also appears that NPR changed the format of some of their responses to the queries that my app sends it. Their responses aren’t being parse properly, and therefore, the “All Programs” listing has stopped working. I’ve updated my code, along with a couple of other bug fixes. I’ll be submitting an update soon.

(About 10 minutes later…) 

Now NPR is returning nothing for a query for the All Programs listing…


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<list id="3004" typeid="3004">
  <title>All Programs</title>

I think I’ll just go to bed instead.

(and about a day later…)

They have All Programs fixed up, but still we’re missing a lot of audio. It sounds like they’ve changed their licensing/rights on some items. I’ll be following up on the details of this.

Hello Chicago

I’m on a trip to Chicago for work, and thought I’d try the station finder somewhere other than State College. I’m thinking of starting a public Picasa web album where you can upload a screen shot (Power button + Home button) of your local station finder results. What do you think?

Station Finder - Chicago


It is nice to see that so many of you have stuck with the application to see it through to this recent update. I can see from my statistics provided by Apple, that many have already gotten the newest version of the application.

I hope that you find it is more reliable, and more functional. I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

Many have been asking for a playlist queue, which is under development now, and hopefully can make it into your hands in the next month or two.

Station Finder + Podcasts Approved

Keep an eye out for the update. It was approved tonight.

Hurry up and Wait

Last night, Apple rejected the update because of an incorrect icon (one that’s been in the app since day one).

So a two minute fix results in another week of waiting for you (and me).