It is nice to see that so many of you have stuck with the application to see it through to this recent update. I can see from my statistics provided by Apple, that many have already gotten the newest version of the application.

I hope that you find it is more reliable, and more functional. I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

Many have been asking for a playlist queue, which is under development now, and hopefully can make it into your hands in the next month or two.


1 Response to “Satisfaction”

  1. 1 Yokhannan January 22, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    Well, it was nice to see apple finally push out a version!

    Sadly, the ability to quickly get to the “hour news” just sucks…

    It takes:

    1 tap
    2 swipes
    2 taps

    and then, there is not even a “bookmark” option to help us from having to go through all that hunting just to listen to the hourly news updates. (one of the most on-demand feature provided by NPR)

    So, my biggest request for a next version…. add a bookmark link for those items stored multiple levels down in the “podcast” directory.

    Or, even better yet, add a new feature down in the “search/browse/bookmark” bar called “popular” where YOU (the developer) hardcode the most popular NPR feeds. (hourly news, weekend editions, car talk, etc, etc… ie: those things people actually listen too and shouldn’t have to hunt for)

    At this point, I’ve just created a bookmark on my home screen that links directly to the hourly news feed. Yeah, it requires Safari to open for a brief second… but that is better then 3 taps, 2 swipes, and having to hunt through multiple screens.

    All that said, I was very happy to see the new version pushed out. I have enjoyed access to more feeds a great deal. It is nice to know you have stuck with development, even given the problems you’ve faced with getting updates pushed out!

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